Need your diamond cut wheels repairing?

What are Diamond Cut Wheels?

Most diamond cut wheels can be identified by their front face. Diamond-cut alloy wheels are precision-finished alloys that feature a design with razor-sharp edges and an almost chrome finish, which gives the wheel an appearance like the surface of a CD. In some cases, the inside faces of the wheel will be a different colour to the front face. If you are usure what type of wheel you have, send us a picture and we will be happy to help you identify it.

How do you repair Diamond Cut Wheels?

Essex Smart Repairs use state-of-the-art lathes capable of diamond cutting the wheels without removing the tyres, meaning we can offer diamond cutting as a mobile service allowing for the quickest possible turnaround time. The process is like that of painted wheels, once the alloys are painted, one of our professional and highly skilled technicians will put them into our lathe where a very precise layer is shaved away leaving a diamond cut finish. We then finish using a specially developed lacquer to protect the wheel and prevent corrosion.

Why should I get my Diamond Cut Wheels refurbished?

Their appearance makes a big difference to your vehicle, a refurbishment of your wheels will keep them looking new and continue to add value to your car. Refurbishing your wheels will extend their life and keep them working efficiently and safely.

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Mobile Diamond Cutting FAQ’s

How long does the repair take?
We say an hour to complete for one diamond cut alloy

Can I drive my vehicle immediately after?
Yes, you can jump in and head straight off

Will my wheels look brand new?
We have the highest standard and results at ESR. Your wheels will look as good as new.

Do you rebalance the wheels afterwards?
Your wheels do not need to be rebalanced after as we do not remove the tyre completely.

We deflate the tyre to a certain point and can push away from the alloy so the damage can be repaired. We then inflate the tyre back to the exact same tyre pressure.

How long before I can wash my car?

We advise to wait 48 hours before washing your car after mobile diamond cutting. 

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