Specialists In Alloy Wheel Repairs

At Essex Smart Repairs, we specialise in alloy wheel damage restoration. Our mobile alloy repair service is often able to cosmetically repair minor damages. For more extensive cases, we employ advanced powder coating technology, restoring the wheel to its factory finish. This process not only removes damage but also allows for colour customisation. Powder coating provides exceptional protection and durability. If you need alloy repair our mobile and in-house services will come in handy, whether you're based in Essex, Brentwood, or Chelmsford, we've got you covered.

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Some of our recent work

We are able to offer alloy wheel refurbishments to wheels that have suffered from Curbing, Surface Corrosion and Scratches, Keeping your alloy wheels in tip-top conditions can extend the life of your wheels as well as the vehicle they belong to. Potholes, raised curbs and debris in the road can sometimes make this a difficult task. Hitting one may cause a weird vibration you never noticed before or a thumping sound you cannot remember hearing, the handling is all off and you notice you spend a lot more time in the fuel station than you used to.

Trust us for top-notch in-house and mobile alloy repair if you are based in Essex, Brentwood, or Chelmsford, ensuring a smoother ride and prolonged wheel life.

 Scratches & Scuffs